Another Investigation from Turkish Competition Board: Red Bull

Another Investigation from Turkish Competition Board: Red Bull

Turkish Competition Authority recently published in its web page another announcement on the initiation of a different investigation. This time, the investigation initiated against energy drink giant Red Bull.

Upon complaints against Red Bull Gıda Dağıtım ve Pazarlama Tic. Ltd. Şti. (“Red Bull”), Turkish Competition Board (“Board”) decided to initiate a preliminary investigation concerning Red Bull’s exclusivity and resale price maintenance activities. The information and documents acquired together with the observations made within the preliminary investigation phase were found sufficient by the Board to initiate a fully-fledged investigation against Red Bull to see whether Red Bull’s arrangement leads to de facto exclusivity and Red Bull applies resale price maintenance.

Investigation team has 6 months (well, this could also be extended another 6 months) to prepare the investigation report which will include their finding and opinion on the case.

We will see…

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